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Choosing an agent on the Mornington Peninsula

The Mornington Peninsula's increasing popularity, both as a tourism destination and a place to live and work, is now offering property owners ideal market conditions to sell. 

Eview Group - Southern Peninsula's Susan Clavin says while it is a great time to sell on the peninsula  it's critical to ensure you engage an agent that works effectively for you.

Susan's two most recent listings have had more than 70 groups through respectively - with 12 written offers in quick succession. Susan says these kinds of results come back to strategic marketing.

"I'm really passionate about marketing - I know that when I get that right I get great results for my clients," she said. 

"If I can get buyers to fall in love with a property, I know I can negotiate the best possible price and that's what drives me.

"If a property is marketed correctly, properly prepared and looks great online, people will come.

"I'm swamped with all my listings at the moment - I don't think that's by chance or by luck. It really comes back to having an effective marketing strategy in place."

Susan says that her holistic approach to marketing a property is best characterised as a 'hands-on'.

"Though some properties are 'market ready', many vendors need a little help and advice. I spend a couple of days, sometimes weeks and occasionally a few months working closely with my clients getting a house ready for sale," she said. 

"That includes how the garden is presented and home styling to make sure buyers can really engage with the property. It's got to be visually appealing so I'm very involved with that process from how to best position interior furnishings right through to the overall presentation of the property." 

In terms of common misconceptions, Susan says that people can get caught in the trap of thinking the lowest commission will yield the best overall results.

"I think people often believe that all agents are pretty much the same and that the agent with the cheapest commission is an ok option - I think that's a mistake.

"The agent who works for the cheapest price isn't likely to be the agent who's going to achieve the best results, so I really don't think commission should be your defining factor when choosing an agent.

"I think a vendor should look for someone who is passionate about what they do and who will be with you right through the process.

"It's not just about winning you over as a listing agent - they've got to engage and relate effectively to buyers to get you the best price possible."

As well as being a highly experienced auctioneer, Susan believes her willingness to go the extra mile and focus on the finer details of marketing is what allows her to achieve great results for her clients.

"In terms of marketing, building relationships and preparing properties for sale I think I really bring something extra to the table," she said.

"At the end of the day this is what makes the difference between a good result and a great result."

For more information contact Susan Clavin on 0417 141 007.

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