Getaway reaches towards full capacity for Easter

With the Easter break finally upon us the Getaway team is in full-swing taking a flurry of last minute Easter bookings. With limited properties now available - all Getaway properties are likely to be fully booked for the entire Easter break. Getaway's Melodie Stewart said that alongside regular peak-times, such as the Easter weekend, the Mornington Peninsula has increasingly become a go-to hotspot for holiday makers and those looking for an easy weekend getaway throughout the year. "The landscape of weekend getaways has really changed in the last few years," she said. "Traditionally many Victorians would travel to holiday destinations further afield in the off-peak season - Queensland and Bali for example. "The Peninsula Hot Springs, all the wineries and the Peninsula Link have really changed that dynamic - people are now much more likely to holiday on the Mornington Peninsula in the off-peak season as well." Melodie says that alongside award-winning wineries and foodie destinations, such as Ten Minutes by Tractor and Port Phillip Estate, many guests are increasingly drawn towards individual Getaway properties. As well as Getaway's luxury Mornington Peninsula properties (such as the Rye Opera House pictured above), Melodie said many more modest properties are able to secure regular bookings utilising other features such as stylised interior design. "There are some features that always ensure bookings for properties such as location, proximity to beaches, pools and spas - but that's not the only way homeowners can secure bookings. "Really great interior design is something that resonates with many people - so properties don't have to conform to exact formulas - they can have their own particular character that attracts guests." Melodie said the Getaway team prides itself on providing this kind of personalised advice tailored to the specifics of any given property. "It's great to see the Easter weekend almost completely booked - a lot of that is due to good communication with Getaway homeowners," she said. "We put a lot of emphasise on communication with owners about what can be done to enhance a property and what's working with similar properties in their area. "There's no one formula that necessarily gets the most guest interest - it's about making each property attractive in different ways and we work to assist homeowners with these sorts of crucial details." To list your property please SMS your address to 0409 857 709 or call the Getaway team directly on 03 5985 0098. For all guest and booking enquiries visit

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