Service still reigns supreme

The above graphic, originating from an article written by Tom Goodwin from Havas Media, has again been making the rounds online. As well as being a thought provoking bit of trivia on the dynamism of emerging business models, there is a distinct take home message for those involved with the real estate industry. Eview - Southern Peninsula's Jules Alexander says that alongside these companies continuing to break traditional business models, their real strength lies in providing clients with reliable and easily accessible service. "In many ways our business is analogous to some businesses thriving within startup culture," she said. "In real estate we don't necessarily provide the product but rather provide our clients with our expertise and experience when buying or selling. "So it's really important to get you as the client speaking with the right person at the right time and making things easier for you." Jules said that similar to many businesses in the start-up landscape, real estate agent's long-term success is reliant on building trust and long-term relationships with clients. "This is central to how we operate as Eview agents," Jules said. "We always work to go the extra mile to ensure our clients achieve the best outcome possible. "That's the service we provide to make things easier for you."

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