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Welcome to this weeks episode of "On the Couch with M&M."

Building your real estate business requires specialist skills and most importantly clear direction. Joining us this week to discuss this very topic is good friend and business consultant from RE-Growth, Jason Rose.

Jason shares his extensive hands-on experience and knowledge of how to build your sales and rental business and outlines the most important elements to growth.

We uncover the importance of clarity - why do you want to grow and how does that look like for you. Moving from technician to business owner and acquiring the right support team to help you get there.

Jason gives an overview of the difference between buying an established rent roll or growing it organically and details the "5 dimensions of a customer."

Lots of great takeaways and as always, hope you enjoy this weeks episode, welcome your comments & feedback and please share/tag a friend or colleague you think may benefit from the content.

Thank you, M&M.


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